Scentsy Host Rewards 2023

Scentsy Host Rewards 2023

Scentsy Host Rewards: Scentsy is a popular direct sales company that offers a variety of high-quality scented products, from wax warmers and wax bars to essential oils and diffusers.

Scentsy products are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room, and they make great gifts for friends and family.

Scentsy Host Rewards

If you’re a Scentsy fan, hosting a party can be a fun way to share your love for the products with others and earn some free and discounted items at the same time.

In this article, we’ll explore how Scentsy host rewards work, how to maximize your rewards, and answer some common questions about hosting a Scentsy party.

What are Scentsy Host Rewards?

Scentsy host rewards are special incentives that the company offers to people who host a Scentsy party.

When you host a party, you have the opportunity to earn free and discounted products based on the total sales from your party.

The more sales your party generates, the more rewards you can earn. Scentsy host rewards can include free and half-price items, exclusive products, and host-only specials that are not available to regular customers.

Scentsy Host Rewards chart

Your host rewards are calculated based on the total quantity of merchandise sold during your party, minus any applicable sales taxes and shipping costs.

Even if some of your invited guests are unable to attend, you should still gather their orders before the event and include them in your Host Rewards total!

You can discover precisely how much you can make by referring to the helpful chart below.

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Guest Sales (US) Guest Sales (CAD) Credit Towards Free Products Half-Price Items
$200 – $349 $265 – $464 10% 1
$350 – $499 $465 – $664 10% 2
$500 – $999 $665 – $1,325 15% 3
$1,000 and up $1,325 and up 15% 4

How to Host a Scentsy Party

Scentsy Host Rewards

Hosting a Scentsy party is easy and fun. You can choose to host an in-person party or a virtual party, depending on your preferences and circumstances.

Here are the basic steps to host a Scentsy party:

Contact a Scentsy Consultant – You can find a consultant in your area by visiting the Scentsy website or asking for a referral from a friend who already uses Scentsy products.

Choose a Date and Time – Work with your consultant to choose a date and time that works for you and your guests.

Invite Guests – Send invitations to your guests, either by mail, email, or social media. Your consultant can provide you with templates and ideas for invitations.

Prepare for the Party – Set up your home or online space for the party, and make sure you have enough Scentsy products and supplies on hand.

Host the Party – Enjoy the party with your guests, and let your consultant handle the product demos and sales.

Collect Rewards – After the party, your consultant will tally up the sales and let you know how many rewards you have earned.

How to Maximize Your Scentsy Host Rewards

If you want to maximize your Scentsy host rewards, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Invite as many guests as possible – The more guests you have, the more sales you are likely to generate.

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Promote the party – Use social media, flyers, and other marketing tools to get the word out about your party.

Encourage pre-orders – Ask your guests if they would like to place an order before the party to boost your sales.

Offer incentives – Consider offering your own incentives, such as a free gift or discount, to guests who place an order at the party.

Be a great host – Make sure your guests feel welcome and have a good time at the party, so they are more likely to make a purchase.

Scentsy Host Rewards Review

FAQs About Scentsy Host Rewards

How do I earn Scentsy Host Rewards?

To earn Scentsy Host Rewards, you need to host a qualifying party or event with a Scentsy Consultant.

The consultant will provide you with a party link or code, and you will need to share this with your friends and family to encourage them to make purchases.

The more sales that are made through your party link or code, the more rewards you can earn.

What types of rewards can I earn as a Scentsy host?

The rewards you can earn as a Scentsy host will depend on the total sales made through your party link or code. Some possible rewards include free Scentsy products, half-price items, and even exclusive host-only products.

How long do I have to host a party to earn Scentsy Host Rewards?

You can host a Scentsy party for as little as one day, or for up to 14 days. However, to earn the maximum rewards, it’s recommended that you host a party for at least 10-14 days to allow enough time for your guests to make purchases.

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Can I earn Scentsy Host Rewards if I host an online party?

Yes, you can earn Scentsy Host Rewards if you host an online party. Your consultant will provide you with a party link or code that you can share with your friends and family through social media or email.

How do I redeem my Scentsy Host Rewards?

Your consultant will provide you with instructions on how to redeem your Scentsy Host Rewards. Typically, you will be able to redeem your rewards through your consultant’s website or by contacting them directly.

How often can I host a Scentsy party and earn Host Rewards?

There is no limit to how often you can host a Scentsy party and earn Host Rewards.

However, it’s recommended that you allow at least 30 days between parties to give your guests a chance to receive their orders and to avoid overwhelming your friends and family with too many party invitations.

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